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Friday, October 4, 2013

Sean Saves The World

Sean Saves The World is a new show starring Sean Hayes, who played Jack in Will & Grace. Jack & Karen in Will & Grace were pretty much my only reasons why I WATCHED that show. The over-the-top histrionics of the "main" characters of Will & Grace, and their screaming dramas were a MAJOR downer for me. The writers knew that too, which was why Jack & Karen were promoted from background characters after the first season to supporting characters. By the 3rd season they were co-characters, and I would argue that by the 6th season, they had shifted to the main characters, with Will & Grace downgraded to supporting characters.  Jack & Karen were the funny and fun ones on the show.

So, I was delighted that Sean Hayes was returning to TV, AND that he was playing another gay character. After watching the premiere, I am happy to say that he is basically playing Jack again [YAY!]. The only difference is that he isn't as silly/flighty as before, and he is a MUCH better parent than before (taking it far more seriously). The girl who plays his daughter is adorable, and the woman who plays his mother is a GREAT comedic foil for him to fence with.

The show has started out being about his fourteen year old daughter moving in with him full time, after her mother abandoned her and walked out on the family (no explanation has been given for that, so far). She had been living with her mother full time, and only seeing her father on the weekends. So, Sean (his name is Sean on the show as well) is having to learn how to transition from being "fun weekend dad" to just Dad. His daughter is having to learn how to live with a new full time parent, and how to deal with being abandoned by her mother.  Sean's mother is stepping in to help with babysitting, and other family issues. She and her son don't seem to hate each other, but defnitely don't seem to be chummy either. They had a lot of funny lines to snap at each other.

Sean works in an office that is dedicated to online sales (it hasn't been fully explained if they actually sell the things, or if they are just a marketing company) that has been bought by a new owner who is a real creep (played by the same guy who played Victoria's German boyfriend (Klaus) Ted had to deal with on How I Met Your Mother). And there is comedy in those scenes too.

Overall, I was EXTREMELY pleased with the light and happy tone of the show (despite the parental abandonment), and the humor overall. I am THRILLED to have Jack/Sean back on the air, and I think the show has a lot of potential. Please watch it so the network goons don't cancel it! It is currently airing at 9PM Pacific (8 Central) on NBC on Thursdays. Check the show's website for up-to-date scheduling though :)

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