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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Crazy Ones

The Crazy Ones, starring Robin Williams, is a new show out for this 2013 Fall season. It is about an advertising agency and the crazy shenanigans the people in it get up to to do what they do. In reality, it is a vehicle for Robin Williams to be, well ... Robin Williams. That means silly voices, random subject changes and dialog, miming, playing with toys, plans nobody else can follow, and wisdom that is present but cleverly hidden.

The show also co-stars Sarah Michelle Gellar (of Buffy The Vampire Slayer fame) as his daughter, and partner with him in the advertising agency.  Her main role on the show seems to be of "straight man" and to be the voice of the reason against Robin Williams.

The Supporting cast includes: Andrew (Hamish Linklater), Zach (Jimmy Wolk) & Lauren (Amanda Setton). They are there mostly for Robin Williams to interact with, or to chime in with witty remarks, or to react to Williams' antics.  Lauren is in the background the most, has few lines, and (sadly) they are playing her off as the busty intern who is mostly there as a sex-symbol. Zach and Andrew work there as well, with Zach being the "charming" and confident one, and Andrew being the shy/hard-working one.

From what I have seen of the show so far, it has promise. It is certainly a LOT better than a lot of the other terrible shows on television right now. Give it a chance, you may like it. It is currently airing Thursdays on CBS at 9/8C. Check the show's website for up-to-date scheduling though :)

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